The new Taxel Image Group brand has been slowly rolling out over the past few months. Designed by our resident graphic designer, studio manager, and all around good sport Tyler Federico, the new look for Taxel has retained a few elements of the twelve year old award winning branding conceived and executed by Twist Creative. We have a big year of promotions planned to celebrate the new look, including a special direct mail series. Some of you may have received the first of the four quarterly installments last week which focuses on our architectural photography speciality. Be sure to let us know here if you’d like to be included in the remaining quarterly mailings. Our best wishes for a prosperous 2016!


harry_buff_2-16-2016_196    barley_house_2-16-2016_041

Taxel Image Group is a full service commercial photography studio located in Cleveland, Ohio. We pride ourselves in producing stellar foodlifestylestill life and architectural photography for clients nationwide. Check out Barney’s  personal photography project— The Lake View Cemetery: Photographs from Cleveland’s Historic Landmark