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  • Taxel Creative’s 3000 square foot and fully equipped studio lends itself to food, small production sets, executive portrait,
    still life, catalog, and editorial photography.
  • The fully equipped kitchen includes every pot, pan, and utensil chefs and stylists could possibly need.
  • Our well organized prop department has accumulated dishware, table cloths, glassware, and nostalgic collectables for 30 years.
  • Ample north light makes our dressing room ideal for stylists and models alike to prepare for a days shooting in the studio.
  • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, conference, check your email wirelessly, or just kick back and relax in our client lounge during your shoot.
  • The workshop space in the south end hosts a freight elevator for moving large pieces and sets directly from the loading dock into the studio,
    along with all tools needed for set building and modification.
  • While we primarily shoot and process digitally, Taxel Creative maintains a fully functional darkroom for select projects.